Power to the endpoint.

Our intelligent healthcare technology makes it simple for clinicians to access workstations and improve their workflow while ensuring security compliance.

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Fast, secure clinical workflow

With just one tap and a password, our Sympatica platform knows who you are, where you are, which patient you’re helping and the apps you need to care for them. Our intuitive awareness technology means you can pay better attention to your patients instead of struggling with your workstation.

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Are you prepared for a HIPAA audit?

OCR has begun its next phase of audits. Learn the 7 steps you need to take to pass in our latest report.

Healthcare Technology Solutions

Whether you’re a clinician looking to simplify workstation workflow or a healthcare information technology professional looking to ensure HIPAA compliance, Sympatica can help.

We secure patient data and improve workflow for health systems and their clinicians throughout the United States and Canada.