Aventura Introduces Workflow Optimization Solution that Addresses Common Technical Obstacles with Speech Recognition Applications

BOSTON, September 8, 2015 ­– Aventura, the leading provider of situational awareness technology for the healthcare industry, today introduced a workflow optimization solution that addresses common technical issues with roaming speech recognition in a virtual environment. Through its patented awareness computing technology, Aventura delivers the fastest clinical desktop in healthcare and this new offering, Aventura for Speech Recognition, leverages key elements of its flagship technology to create a “plug and go” solution that improves profile load times, resolves microphone connectivity issues, and reduces profile corruption associated with hard logoffs.

With documentation demands in the healthcare industry growing, providers are making significant investments in speech recognition software. These solutions allow clinicians to input patient information directly into EHR systems through speech rather than through manual keyboard entry. Popular voice solutions, such as Dragon Enterprise Edition, M*Modal Fluency Voice Manager, and 3M ChartScript capture data in real time while eliminating typing, spelling errors, and the time wasted by manually entering information to complete a patient chart.

Despite the advantages of these clinician productivity tools, there are workflow issues hampering the use of speech solutions on a regular basis. Technical issues such as profile load times, microphone connectivity, and profile corruption hinder clinicians’ ability to roam in a virtual environment and move from workstation to workstation. As a result of frustration with these issues, clinicians often decide not to use the voice recognition solution, wasting hundreds of thousands of dollars organizations have spent on software and maintenance fees.

Aventura for Speech Recognition uses situational awareness to provide a customized clinical computing experience that combines fast access to support mobile clinicians. The application intrinsically recognizes each clinician by role, location, device, and patient in the room. With a single secure card tap, Aventura for Speech Recognition simultaneously authenticates the clinician and launches his/her desktop – including the voice application – eliminating the need for manual login and reducing login time from minutes to seconds. The solution is single sign-on (SSO) capable or can easily be used in conjunction with an existing SSO solution. Aventura for Speech Recognition also automates and accelerates the logout process, reducing wait frustration and lessening the urge to shut down prematurely. This reduces the risk of data corruption and ensures that all learning is properly saved before the application is shut down. Microphone connection issues are also eliminated since Aventura for Speech Recognition’s rules engine controls the specific start up sequencing to ensure proper operation.

“The use of popular speech recognition solutions are dragging physicians down because they can’t move from workstation to workstation without getting error messages and having to reboot the application or entire workstation,” said John Gobron, CEO of Aventura. “With our patented technology we have been able to eliminate this frustrating clinical experience and utilize the solution as it was intended.”

Aventura for Speech Recognition includes two pre-packaged situational awareness connectors for the electronic health record (EHR) and voice recognition application and can be installed remotely and within a matter of days.


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