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Human Healthcare Technology.

When it comes to the hectic healthcare environment, IT security issues and workflow challenges are closely related. Complex security requirements often compromise clinical workflow, forcing staff to seek shortcuts and workarounds.

The answer, then, isn’t more software; it’s smarter software. That’s why we make software that not only keeps you in compliance, but actually improves clinical workflow instead of hindering it.

Our software is used to secure workstations everywhere from emergency departments to specialty care units to patient  and exam rooms in health systems across the United States and Canada. Simple to implement, learn and use, our product has been proven to save staff time, improve clinician efficiency, increase patient satisfaction and reduce calls to the IT help desk, all while keeping your patient data safe.


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Are you prepared for a HIPAA audit?

OCR has begun its next phase of audits. Learn the 7 steps you need to take to pass in our latest report.

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