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Secure data starts with your endpoints.

The typical 500-bed hospital has more than 10,000 computers, 500 tablets and 2,000 provisioned mobile devices. It’s up to information technology professionals to secure every single one of them. But while hospital information technology departments are often focused on securing the system from outside threats like viruses, hacking and ransomware, employees at the endpoint are actually responsible for millions of breached patient records a year.

Building a wall to keep threats out is not enough. To protect patient data, it’s crucial to protect patient data from within as well by securing the endpoint.

That’s where the Sympatica Suite comes in. Our tap and go software is designed to ensure the workstation stays secure through technology like two-factor authentication, auto-logoff and powerful audit reporting tools. It’s everything you need to keep your endpoints and your hospital in HIPAA compliance.

There were 57 health data breaches—the most in any one month this year….Inside employees were responsible for more than half of [those] breaches…

Marla Durben Hirsch

Editor, Fierce Healthcare

But powerful security software only works if people use it. If it’s too cumbersome, users will find workarounds, defeating the purpose and putting your organization at risk.

That’s what makes Sympatica different. It was built to vastly improve clinical workflow by making it simple for clinicians to sign in, log out and switch workstations. Instead of security being an extra layer that gets in the way, Sympatica makes it easier for clinicians to do their job. As a result, you’ll not only experience better data security, but happier users who support your initiative instead of dragging their feet.


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