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Compliance isn’t something that can be left to chance. Almost every hospital or physician practice now has a compliance officer or committee tasked with keeping their organization in compliance with regulations ranging from HIPAA to OSHA to numerous federal, state, local and industry regulations.

An effective plan will encompass all areas of regulation that apply to your hospital. One of the most important is patient data security. HIPAA’s Physical and Technical Safeguards spell out a number of things you need to do to protect patient data. For many hospital IT departments, the focus is outside threats like hackers or viruses. However, internal breaches by employees at workstations are responsible for significant data breaches each year. A successful compliance plan is one that invests in protecting against internal threats just as much as external threats.

With so much on your plate, you need solutions that will keep your organization in compliance without adding an additional burden. By making it simple to sign in to workstations, Sympatica helps protect your endpoints against internal patient data breaches with features like two-factor authentication, auto-logoff and powerful audit reporting tools, letting you control and track how workstations are used. Sympatica gives you everything you need to ensure compliance across multiple safeguards.

But powerful software is just one part of compliance. It takes clinicians following security protocols to keep patient data safe. That’s where Sympatica shines. We actually make it easier for clinicians to log in, log out and switch workstations than doing it the wrong way, all while providing a personalized desktop experience for each user.

By improving everything about the clinical workstation workflow, we give clinicians all the incentive they need to buy into your compliance program, keep patient data safe and protect your organization from costly fines and penalties.

There were 57 health data breaches—the most in any one month this year….Inside employees were responsible for more than half of [those] breaches…

Marla Durben Hirsch

Editor, Fierce Healthcare

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