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Stop waiting. Start working.

These days, it almost seems clinical staff spend more time with their computers than they do with their patients. With more and more medical care taking place in front of a workstation, it’s our goal at Aventura to make it easier to access the workstation quickly and securely so you can get your job done and get back to your patients faster.

Here’s the problem: Done manually, clinicians can spend as much as an hour per shift just logging in and out of all the various workstations they use as they move around. Each time they switch, they have to start from scratch by relaunching all the applications they need and navigating to the correct medical record.

But with Sympatica, workflow becomes intuitive and simple. Our tap and go technology lets you log in, log out and switch computers in seconds instead of minutes.


Clinicians experienced a 69% reduction in login time using Sympatica.

-2012 Health IT Survey: TCS Healthcare Technologies, January 2014

Sympatica’s contextual intelligence knows who you are, what workstation you’re using and remembers what you were working on. It leverages SSO technology to open the apps you were using previously, automatically load the correct patient record and get all your different clinical applications working together. Instead of restarting applications and re-entering information, you can start where you left off while only needing to enter information once.

As a result, clinicians receive as much as an extra hour per shift from workflow efficiency. Not only will you get to spend more of your time with your patients, you’ll be happier and less frustrated from the slog of managing multiple passwords, cumbersome security protocols and time-consuming workstation management.


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