Sympatica Secure Healthcare Security Software

Protect your endpoints. Protect your data. Protect your patient.

The typical healthcare organization can have thousands of workstations spread throughout its facility. While crucial for doing your job, each workstation also represents an opportunity for a painful data breach. All it takes is one person forgetting to log out to put all your patient data at risk. However, cumbersome security software can severely decrease clinical workflow and actually encourage users to bypass security measures just to get their work done.

With Sympatica Secure, you don’t have to make a trade off between patient data security and clinical workflow. Our simple software makes it easy to log in and out of workstations with the tap of your badge. Two factor authentication ensures someone can’t use your password to log in, while stepdown authentication can be enabled so you don’t have to repeatedly enter your password as you move between workstations throughout your shift.

In addition to providing information security, Secure also helps you achieve HIPAA compliance, protecting your data and your hospital from costly fines.

Features at a Glance

  • Two factor authentication: Eliminates the risk of a stolen or hacked password being used to log in under your name
  • Stepdown authentication: Improves workflow by letting you log back in with just your badge or pin after you’ve entered your password once
  • Obscure screen: Shields patient data from prying eyes and shoulder surfing after 90 seconds of inactivity or other custom time frame based on location
  • Auto-logoff: Automatically exits you out of applications and workstations if you forget to log out
  • Audit logs: Provides a detailed report to track who logged in when and where
  • EPCS support: Integrates with biometric software vendors who comply with federal guidelines for EPCS two-factor authentication
  • Smart printing: Roaming endpoints automatically print to the closest printer
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