Sympatica Personalize

Your desktop. No matter where you are.

While critical for doing your job, the workstation also represents one of your biggest barriers to productivity. That’s because physicians can spend nearly an hour per shift just logging in and out of workstations and managing all their different applications as they move throughout their day.

In a typical workflow, every time you move to a new workstation you have to start over by logging in, finding the app you need and loading the right EMR, even if you were just working on it at a different workstation. The result is more than just wasted time and frustration; it encourages clinicians to use shortcuts that can take you out of security compliance like piggybacking on another clinician’s session.

With Sympatica Personalize, our virtual desktop software makes it possible to take your desktop with you wherever you go. Built with security at its foundation, a tap of your badge is all it takes for our single sign on software and our patented awareness computing to provide a secure, personalized experience within a few seconds, not minutes.

Need to switch workstations? With our roaming desktop simply tap to log out and then tap to log in at the next workstation. Your work can be loaded automatically and as you left it, ready for you to continue.

Our contextually intelligent software relies on awareness computing to know who you are, what workstation you’re at and which patient you are helping, bringing up their records and the applications you’ll need to care for them almost instantly. In addition to speeding up your workflow, our Patient Picker add-on reduces charting errors by ensuring you’re working with the right patient record in the right place.

Features at a Glance

  • Fast access to your desktop: Tap and go to log in within seconds instead of minutes
  • Instant disconnect: Log out with just a tap to quickly and securely leave a workstation
  • Single Sign On capable: Works with SSO solutions to automatically log you into all your applications with just one sign in experience
  • Virtual Desktop: Take your desktop with you across workstations (requires a virtual server environment)
  • Tap to App: Provide access to a single application with one tap for staff who need access to just one specific application
  • Plus all the features of Sympatica Secure
  • Learn more about Sympatica pricing and requirements

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