Sympatica Harmonize Workflow Software

All your apps. All working together.

Move over, stethoscope. The workstation has become the instrument clinicians rely on most to provide care. Today’s healthcare software gives you more access to information and tools than ever before.

However, more access doesn’t always mean easy access. Each app acts independently of the other, making you sign in and reenter the same information multiple times. This not only takes up valuable time doing data entry that you could be using to provide care; it also greatly increases the chance for a data entry error somewhere along the way.

Sympatica Harmonize makes it simple by making all your apps work together. Our clinical workflow software unifies all your applications into one intuitive interface. Instead of jumping back and forth between apps and the EMR, you only have to pick your patient and enter information once for it to be reflected across all your apps and in the patient record.

In addition, mobile access allows access to patient records and status no matter where you are and from any device. Combined with the power of our contextually intelligent software, Harmonize provides you with the ultimate in uncompromised clinical workflow, complete endpoint security and improved patient outcomes.

Features at a Glance

  • Real-time bidirectional interaction with EHR and third-party software: Increase data integrity and clinician workflow while maintaining all native functionality of your EHR and apps
  • Dynamic, patient-centric, contextual view across applications: Increase your understanding of the patient’s entire continuum of care for valuable insights
  • Single-click navigation: All your apps, all in one place
  • Open API integration of third-party software: Simple to add any software to your stack

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