Aventura Issued U.S. Patent for Updating Virtual Resources & Applications Based on Location

Healthcare IT Company Now Holds Eight Patents Related to Situational Awareness Platform that Optimizes Clinical Workflow

DENVER, June 21, 2016Aventura, the leading provider of situational awareness technology for the healthcare industry, has received its eighth patent (U.S. Patent No. 9,367,512) from the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Aventura’s situational awareness platform, Sympatica™, leverages knowledge of the user and their location to present a highly secure, personalized clinical desktop.

The patent relates to technology for the dynamic updating of virtual resources and applications based on location change, solving the fundamental—and crippling—problem of roaming sessions on virtualized desktops and application.

In healthcare, a caregiver’s workflow involves working in a myriad of places and performing numerous functions. By personalizing the desktop based on a caregiver’s role and location, Aventura is able to eliminate the frustrating, multiple login/logoff process by providing a consolidated desktop that is “always on.” With a single gesture, a doctor or nurse is logged into every required application and when they move to another workstation, they gesture out and carry that active session with them “in their pocket.” When they move to another workstation, the session resumes right where they left off. There is no need to log-in again or re-access the patient records.

“Our latest patent validates and protects the critical underpinnings of our situational awareness platform,” said John Gobron, CEO of Aventura. “By updating a user session based on location, our customers have reduced the time that their caregivers spend logging in and out of the computer, recouping between 30-45 minutes per shift.”

About Aventura
Aventura is the leading provider of awareness computing for the healthcare industry. For decades, clinicians have had to adapt their workflow to the limitations of computers; with Aventura, computers can now adapt to how clinicians work. Through its patented technology, Aventura delivers awareness of a user’s identity and role, their location within a facility, what device they are working on, and what patient they are treating. Based on this awareness, Aventura immediately delivers a virtual desktop and dynamically provisions the applications and exact screens a user needs to care for that particular patient, eliminating wasteful clicks and keystrokes. As a result, Aventura helps customers achieve their important initiatives in the areas of EHR adoption and Meaningful Use requirements, PHI security, mobility, and cost containment. Aventura is privately-held and its investors include: Safeguard Scientifics (NYSE: SFE) and Merck Global Health Innovation Fund (Merck GHI), Excel Venture Management, HLM Venture Partners and Memorial Care Innovation Fund. Visit www.aventurahq.com; follow us on TwitterLinkedIn and Facebook; or call 888-484-4643 to learn more.

Eileen Conway
Scout PR for Aventura


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